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Adult Dance at AerFire includes Teen/Adult Ballet as well as Teen/Adult Jazz and Modern! Dancing is a great way to build strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. Rachel teaches dance from a technique based standpoint to make sure that the correct muscles are being used and injuries are prevented. Come plie, chaine, and tendu the day away!


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Teen/Adult Ballet

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Ballet is a great way to build balance, proprioception, strength, flexibility and more. This class is open to all levels! We will explore barre work, center work, and conditioning in this 90 minute class. 


Teen/Adult Jazz & Modern

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Want to get sassy? Fierce? Emotional? Strong? All of the above? Join us for Jazz & Modern where we will explore both styles in a 90-minute class. This class is open to all levels! It will include a warm-up, across the floor, combinations, stretching, and a cool-down. 


Belly Dance Fitness

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This is a fun workout designed to help you build stability and strength in your whole body through bellydance. This class is fitness focused, we will not learn choreographies or perform. We will practice basic bellydance moves to create strength & flexibility.

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