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Experience Aerfire

Performing Arts and Fitness

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Personal Training sessions loading here, categorized for aerialists and non-aerialists.


Get training guidance that actually fits your goals, not random trends. Get science-based workouts with the education behind them to understand why we do what we do. Maximize your work to best fit your body.


Basic Body Works keeps any body running strong, from pilates to calisthenics to traditional weight lifting. I've got you covered whether you are a beginner or an athlete looking for more.


Ground Flow for the Aerialist targets the muscle memory patterns needed to fly. These are more difficult than they appear!


Fitness & Nutrition pulls it all together. Your muscles grow using the food you eat while you sleep. You must love yourself enough to put some thought into fueling for success. No restrictive meal plans or diet culture BS here. Just nutrition education and a reminder to drink your water and eat good food...and info on how to actually do that.

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Youth Aerial


Youth Dance


Youth Music

Music Notes

Youth Theatre


Adult Aerial


Adult Dance

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Adult Fitness

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