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More than just performing arts

Paula founded AerFire with the vision of bringing humanity back to the arts. Her love of the Performing and Aerial Arts and Fitness brings life and connection to AerFire. She is passionate about safety in performance. Her focus on child development and autonomy is a main priority. Her motto is "consent in the gym, consent everywhere. I am the boss of my body." She encourages creativity and self-discovery in the learning process.

The instructors at AerFire all teach by the same philosophies of supporting the individual in their goals and aspirations. AerFire is open to everyone who wants to learn and grow in self-confidence and independence in a supportive and engaging environment without judgment or coercion.

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Aerfire Standards:


Consent in the gym, consent everywhere. I am the boss of my body!


AerFire boasts of a solid steel, 16ft rig.

Each point exceeds 5000lb

load limit. 


Each of our teachers is certified in their craft,    teaching science based body mechanics.

Life Skills

"Ride the Struggle Bus" among encouraging friends.

Determination & care

get you there!

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Meet the Instructors

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Fitness and Aerial Instructor

Paula is the Founder of AerFire and the Master Aerial Instructor. She strives to create a wholesome, uplifting environment for people of all ages, stages, and types to learn, grow, and collaborate. She leads her aerial, music and fitness classes with safety, creativity, and autonomy, and encourages collaboration and free play.


Certified Dance Instructor

Rachel is a professional dancer who brings a body positive approach to training. She believes in teaching dance in a way that will serve your creative passions for years to come. Rachel teaches several dance and fitness classes for a variety of ages from beginner to advanced.

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Certified Personal Trainer

Joyce is a certified personal trainer who teaches MELT your body and Yoga Hammock classes. She specializes in safe training and injury adaptations and recovery.  No matter where you are on your personal journey, Joyce will help you feel your absolute best.


Hula Hoop and Fitness Instructor

Allisen brings the wisdom of living with hypermobility.  She's a  Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about using her

knowledge & experience to improve quality of life.  She's also pretty awesome with a Hula Hoop!

Ever since I joined Aerfire, I have felt more graceful and self-content than ever before.

Kid Testimonials

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