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Fitness Classes

Ranging from injury recovery to intensive ground flow, these classes are designed to help you feel your best. Every fitness class is taught by certified fitness professionals who teach by the high standards of AerFire to craft the workout to fit your body's unique needs. Our small classes allow for a more personalized experience in an uplifting environment without the discomfort of peer comparison.

Ground Flow

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In Ground Flow workout classes, the focus is on balance, stability, mobility, as well as a mind to muscle connection. 

These workouts are done on the mat using simple exercise props. Each class is a unique  combination of techniques based on each instructors skill set. Choose the class based on the instructor that best fits your individual needs and goals or join them all! These classes are tailored to every fitness level to help you on your fitness journey. 

Allisen brings the wisdom of living with a chronic physically disabling disorder, hypermobility, and pain.

She's a Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about using her knowledge and experience to help improve the quality of life of others.

Join us Tuesdays at 6pm!


Hula Hoop

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Get a great workout while learning performance level skills that give you impressive tricks to show off!

Hoola Hooping burns calories and builds coordination, keeping your brain and body healthy and strong.

This low impact exercise is suitable to all ages and fitness levels and works all areas of the body with dynamic moves.

Allisen is a gifted teacher who guides you through step-by-step, at any level of coordination, with plenty of fun & laughter.

You'll be amazed at what fun hoop tricks you can learn in an hour!

Join us Tuesday evenings at 7pm!

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