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Youth Aerial

In this child-friendly, family-like aerial class, we put the safety and individual needs of our students first. We strive to provide young aerialists with the opportunity of a long and healthy future of movement. All ages, stages, and types are embraced, and free play and creativity are highly encouraged. Nobody is pressured to perform; students can benefit regardless of their future aspirations. 

Aerial Builds:

  • bone density

  • muscle growth

  • hormonal balance in the critical years

  • coordination and critical thinking

  • self-control & determination

  • confidence

  • healthy boundaries

  • skill sharing

  • lifelong friendships

Life Skills
  • safety skills on the playground, sports, and life.

  • self-management of goal setting

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Open Air

Open Air is a designated time for students of all ages to come to the Aerial studio with certified instructor supervision and play! There are multiple open air times per week, so you can come at the most convenient time for you. When you register for any aerial class, you are given the opportunity to come to

any number of open air times per week! Open Air is ONLY for current students.



Here are some of the benefits of coming to open air:

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Skill Sharing

In open air, students naturally share acquired skills with one another, building each other up and encouraging growth.

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Flow Building

Students are encouraged to take some time in open air to put these skills to music, and experiment with transitions and new poses within their personally acquired skill set.

This is the first baby step into choreography.

This is how we create

Artists & Aerialists.

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Skill Application

What we learn in class has a chance to stick when we bring it to open air. Students get the chance to try out newly acquired skills, allowing them to get comfortable with the movement and environment.

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Push play on fun! Open air is a great time to get that stress release and freedom that comes with free play. 

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Build Endurance

Strengthening your body once a week is great, but when you go multiple times a week, you build the endurance needed for aerial.

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Peer Support

During open air, students help one another, cheer for one another, and create with each other.  The bond between aerialists is strong!

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Love it!

When you get the chance to really experience aerial through open air, you will grow to love doing it! This will motivate you to build a better body and mind, and you will have a great time!

Fall Session
Fall Session will run August 28- November 18
Fall Registration is currently open but spots are limited!
Holiday Session will run November 27- December 22
Winter Session will run January 2- March 23

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Fall Aerial Schedule

Youth Aerial Classes

Mondays 9 am

Mondays 6pm

Tuesdays 4pm (TEENS)

Wednesdays 10 am 

Wednesdays 4pm (Aerial Jr.)

Thursdays 4 pm

Thursdays 6 pm

Saturdays 9am

Open Air Hours

Mondays 10am & 5pm

Tuesdays 11am & 5pm

Wednesdays 11am & 5pm

Thursdays 5pm

Saturdays 10am & 12:30pm

Intermediate/Advanced Aerial:

Mondays 6pm

Tuesdays 9am

Wednesdays 6 pm

Saturdays 11am

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