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Dance Adjudication and Coaching Program

So you want to compete a solo, duo, or trio (or more), but want a program that prioritizes developing YOU, as a performer? A chance to get some feedback about your dancing and aerial work?


The new coaching program at AerFire allows you the experience of having a solo, duet, or trio (or more) set on you and the opportunity to adjudicate in front of a panel of judges! An adjudication in this context means a contest or competition that is judged by one or more experts. This means that students will get feedback and corrections from several different professionals.


This will be an in-studio adjudication and will be open to friends and family. This will be different from a casual recital in the sense that the pieces worked on for this adjudication have been choreographed and cleaned by an AerFire instructor over the course of many weeks. This is a valuable experience for any performer and a great process to work through with a choreographer/coach. Having choreography set on you specifically and learning how to work with a choreographer are important skills. Being coached and having the piece cleaned as you work is good insight into the way that group pieces should be coached and cleaned as well as how each performer can approach their own work for the future.

Coaching will begin the week of July 1st and will run for 12 weeks. Students will get a chance to practice their piece and have pictures and videos taken on September 28th. The official adjudication and performance will be on September 29th.


Students must be enrolled in dance classes at AerFire to be eligible to participate in this program. Students can choose to participate as a dancer or as a dancer and an aerialist. AerFire instructors will work together with students wanting to do a combined aerial and dance performance. Students wanting to compete as a dancer and aerialist will need to be enrolled in regular dance classes at AerFire and at least be in the intermediate aerial program. Students will be given a list of aerial skills they are allowed to perform at their level and coaching will be based on their dance technique and movement quality in the air.


Students will be scored according to dance technique and artistry. This will focus a dancers attention on how to improve their own dancing, create their own long-term and short-term goals, all while fostering a positive atmosphere among peers. We all win when we all work to improve!


Coaching: July 1st - September 22nd

In studio adjudication: September 28th-29th

Specific Coaching Time Slots: TBA


Dancers will receive prizes according to the level that they compete at. Students who compete at the highest level will also receive an opportunity to perform their piece in student showcase (Spring 2025).


Cost: $600/piece (not per performer)

Price includes costumes, pictures, video, adjudication evaluation form, and prize based on skill level

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