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At AerFire, we believe in teaching dance in a way that is sustainable to lifelong body health and stamina. Our passion is providing  students with a healthy body mindset and image. We teach our students  foundational skills in multiple dance genres, and then give them the freedom to create movement and flow through those newly acquired skills.  Dance will become a creative outlet for their entire lives and will help them succeed in any avenue that their future takes them.

Dance Develops:

  • bone density

  • muscle growth

  • hormonal balance in the critical years

  • coordination and critical thinking skills

  • self control and determination

  • confidence

  • healthy boundaries

  • lifelong friendships

  • teamwork

Life Skills
  • beat and tempo

  •  accountability

  • safe body mechanics

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Beginnng Dance Technique
Beginning Dance Technique

A creative dance class where students ages 8-18 can discover the magic of movement, expression, and creativity. Students will be guided through multiple dance genres providing a comprehensive foundation for artistic exploration. This dance class is a wonderful support and addition to aerial skills and is tailored to students of all dance and performing levels.

Our unique approach focuses on empowering students to create their own "ground flow" choreography, using the techniques and styles they have learned to bring their own vision to life. Whether they are improving aerial performances, or just learning dance for fun, this class equips them with skills and confidence as they unlock their full potential and become the star of their own show!

Ask about our NEW Dance and Aerial Combo program!!!

Joy of Movement
Joy of Movement

A creative movement based class for ages 3-6. In this class, kids will spark their creativity, improve their balance and coordination, and start learning how to tell a story with their movements. 

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